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Quanzhou's textile and garment industry is the first industry alliance of small and medium sized ent

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  Recently, a spontaneous and organized by the small and medium-sized enterprises, industrial union conference held in Jinjiang, the conference brought together on behalf of Dragon International, Tianzi swimwear, redsocks, Longfeng textile and dozens of enterprises, also invited representatives of Quanzhou textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce,Jinjiang Textile Research Center, Chinese textile development planning Institute, Soochow University Institute of clothing, Jinjing town governmentagencies to participate in the.

  It is understood, at present, the association has three modes, one is the integration of the original use the name of a company, by another company investment became a department of the company or branch company; the second model is the cooperation between two or more parties, common capital, set up a new company; the third is dynamiccooperation is the same, for a certain project, entrepreneurs arebelieved to have cooperation in space, can be used in short-termcooperation. It is reported, red socks, Shunchao shoe, the Dragon garment three companies in a dynamic way of cooperation, has opened up the three largest domestic online shopping Home Furnishingunderwear, clothing company.

  Quanzhou textile and Garment Association Secretary General Shi Zhengzhi think, "Jinjiang small and medium-sized enterprise industry alliance platform" construction at the same time, this is the first in Quanzhou small and medium-sized enterprise alliance, and has important significance to promote, promote the transformation of Quanzhou textile and clothing industry in the next, chamber of Commerce to the city's textile and Garment Industry Promotion Union small and medium-sized enterprisemodel, and its inclusion in the Quanzhou industry development outline.

  One of the sponsors, the activities of dragon group chairman Cai Zhuolong said, the alliance is a platform, the most important thing is togenerate revenue, enterprise alliance is not the more the better, but to seek cooperation in Each takes what he needs. basis, the two canalliance, ten home can alliance. Not binding, but based on mutual interests through cooperation.

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