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Garment industry: Fashion speed

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  According to the Suzhou fashion design school, now Chinese every year only two design quarter, while in the USA, only children and men can be so easily, the rest of the season, there are four design even accessoriesevery year. Underwear mass market and women's clothing was the six season, the six "market week" (market week) -- spring summer autumn winter, plus the "holiday season" and "the back to school season",seven or eight years ago to cancel the back to school season, becoming the five season. Design and Brand Company is bigger, staged two big show at least once a year in spring and autumn clothing; if plus twohaute couture, field is four; plus menswear show, is the six game; and now a resort Ji Xiu (Resort show) and a fall in front of Ji Xiu (prefallshow), is eight field. If we add in Asia, Brazil, Dubai or Moscow dopromotion show (promotional show), this number can be up to ten. That is to say, when the summer vacation and the holiday season, the fashion company to a monthly show!

  Wilde in the "fashion philosophy" in this definition of fashion: "fashion is merely a form of ugliness, unbearable, so we must every six months tochange a." However, he ironically six months fashion speed, already obsolete in today, do not know whether the fashion is more unbearable,in short, the speed has been reduced to six weeks, even six days.Therefore, the domestic counterparts can be easily seen in nineteenth Century, I sigh, also increased has been the question: whether the seasonal cycle of the fashion industry is based on what decision?

  In USA, mass market fashion company has been "market week" (marketweek) tradition, arrange a week in each design season, let buyers across the country at the time agreed to meet the seller in New York, inthe display to see samples, then put in order. As fashion week forfashion house, the market is the most important day of popular fashionindustry. In every market week, fashion company will be in accordance with the "delivery month" (deliver date) show the entire quarter monthlydraft design or design samples, usually a brand to show six to eight groups. Behind the eight group, is likely to be the design of papersdesigner twelve to sixteen groups, each group has four to six if the style(the highest have eight paragraphs), then the entire quarter averagearound seventy items. A year four season even by design, a designer in a total to provide almost three hundred design, accordingly, need to play version of workshop play at least half of the samples. Fashion design is not a machine assembly line work, even if the prolific as Picasso could not Everfount output. Only a few talented designers is how to do?

  Don't do that, so the little smart fashion industry will be not at all surprising prevalence. This quick results, of course, is first, the designercan not guarantee that has accumulated experience in the design and the design quality of time, to complete the work, just to design machines will be copied or more reference. Lanvin designer Albert Elbaz (AlberElbaz) in his fashion show recently complained, he can always find time to do several times the journey of discovery, wandering in the variousgalleries, looking for inspiration for the fashion show. But now, because the design series of doubling, except on business, he would have no time to do any other properties of the trip. High fashion, to learn or copying of high fashion inspiration for the design of the Volkswagen brandcan do what extent, it is not difficult to imagine. The clothing company,designers are always the most frequent change of position, also has its own logic behind.

  These continues traditional fashion industry practice, still pay attention toat least half of the production cycle, is fastidious about the monthlyshipment, that is to say, the producers still have half of the production time after receiving the order, consumers in the rhythm of traditionaldepartment stores or clothing store to see the remains on the monthlynew colors, each quarter of new type. A group of fashion magazine be profuse in praise of the main series of quarter at least in the frame to beenough for six to eight weeks, those who do not sell products but also in the price of goods shelves and lonely and helpless to hang some time before it finally disappeared. But we know that, in recent years, thefaster than in nineteenth Century more than doubled the rate has not sofashionable, a huge threat was a faster of the so-called "fast fashion",the representative is Zara, Forever 21, H&M and other clothing stores.They have successfully from the design draft to enter the store time is shortened to two weeks, that is to say, you see in the fashion week intoday's Dion Lee, fifteen days you can see similar styles in H&M, only thematerial cost ten times, twenty times the price. So, who is in thewelcome such fashion speed? We love said the market decide everything. But the market and who decided?

  In 2002, I worked in a Jewish company, met a female executives, she took three year leave later went back to work. She said, she asked theheadhunting company, three years is the limit, if not to return for three years of work, I'm afraid it will never come back. Now, the speed is generally the state of anxiety, even three years, three months may be very difficult to come back. The designer brand anxiety, anxiety,company executives more anxiety, the fashion industry is coerced into thehigh-speed operation of the machine, who also can not stop to organize ideas, like a stop, will be completely out of. Several of my resignation tostop for a designer friend, have been

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