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Textile and garment industry in the first half of 2014 investment strategy: Textile look straight, c

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  Prospect of textile industry in 2014: the boom of industry is expected to continue to rise. 1, the overall export situation is likely to remain weakrecovery. 2, cotton subsidies policy is expected to be released in 2014,mianjia difference inside and outside is expected to shrink. 3, to stock near the end. 4, accelerate overseas layout.

  Investment strategy: cotton textile industry optimistic about the benefit ofdirect subsidy policy leading cotton textile. We expect that in 2014 theindustry boom will continue to rise. Growth performance in 2013 industry in the low base effect of leading are to achieve substantial growth,expected growth performance in 2014 will return to normal levels. Maintain cautiously recommended rating on the industry. Stocks, recommendationis expected to benefit from the cotton subsidies policy Cotton TextileLeader Lu Tai A, spinning color Hwa and Bailong oriental.

  Future clothing textile industry: 2014 to inventory and adjustment of channel integration is still the main melody; report repair is still slow;joined the business heart is affected by terminal retail downturn is still difficult to get substantial recovery, the spring and summer of 2014 orders will join orders tend to be conservative. Too heavily on to join thechannels of the company, is expected in 2014 the first half performance is still difficult to restore growth. As for the new channel of electronic commerce layout, some operation of the more mature companies havegradually entering blissful circumstances, the future electric business is expected to gradually force, to realize ultra expected growth performance.

  Investment strategy: Clothing textile industry following the investmentindustry inflection point. Don't be too pessimistic. Although the industrymay lack the overall trend of investment opportunities, but the dawn is expected to show in some first in the sub industry inflection point.Through analyzing, we think that the first half of 2014 is expected to take the lead in casual clothes and textile finish to inventory, usher in a turning point; and men's clothing and footwear trend is likely downward inflection point, still need to wait. Given the investment opportunities of subindustry gradually, the industry as a whole will probably improve theattention degree, we raised the industry investment rating to recommend cautious. In the sub sector investment rating: give the casual, home textiles, outdoor cautiously recommended rating, men's clothing, shoes industry neutral rating. Stocks, recommended Semir clothing, Smith Barney, household textile, Anna rich, Pathfinder etc..

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