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In 2014, the clothing industry sink or newborn

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December 10th - the year the agency business at the end of 2013, near the end, 2014 positive steps to. A review of 2013, for the garment industry, it is a mixed. The joy is with Madam Chairman raised worldwideRyeo won style, let Chinese clothing brand first appeared in the world,and popular acclaim. The worry is that the domestic market is still closedshop tide to become the main theme of market, brand bankruptcy it happens. Although Tmall double eleven war once again hit35000000000 sales miracle, clothing brand seems to win a scenery, but it seems is not happy. I dark horse share this, hope to be able to grasp the context of the garment industry practitioners will help.

A, scanning mode of operation

Before prospective on the mode of operation, it is current mode of operation is necessary to speak about the garment industry:

1, the domestic apparel market so far is the agent system as the core oflarge wholesale circulation pattern for the mainstream. This mode is mostpopular is: raise the son to the manufacturer.

2, the agency has in fact cease to exist except in name, the agency contract without any substantive constraint to agents, agents have neverput any one of the terms of the contract in the eye.

3, make a one-time payment of the first batch of 30% order agents hasbecome a memory, order system declared dead; now manymanufacturers have is take a hammer first sale.

4, the agency system has evolved into a purchase and sale system,many manufacturers have is cash on delivery, no credit is given. Underthis operation, the agent to maintain regional market greatly discount,and even some not market maintenance, simply put the goods back intoshowrooms, customers have to get on with, no customers, then back to the manufacturer or replacement, again.

5, at present this situation, agents in addition to took a point back,brand growth, in the region of the performance of image building,promotion, distribution and so on is almost a blank, that is to say, at present this kind of operation is greatly backwards;

6, many brands still hold this mode of operation, that is because there is no second way, especially in the electric shock, many brands are difficult to continue to linger;

Prospective 2014 operation mode:

1, manufacturers, and even break up the game between internal frictionwill be concentrated outbreak in 2014. Because the brand without channel control ability, with the manufacturers to break up, a large area of shops will continue to;

2, manufacturers will unilaterally bear market stock inventory pressure,therefore, the capital chain will be tight even break the manufacturers,especially small and medium-sized brands. Can be predicted, in 2014 there will be many small brands because of funding chain can not standfacing bankruptcy;

3, agents did not want to raise my son to the manufacturers, because they want to raise their son will accelerate the development of independent brands trend; terminal and integration of regional marketchain; this further cutting the existing brand market share, market competition;

4, many solo franchise shops although manufacturers have control is strong, but profits in the business impact, decline, franchisees closedtransition will accelerate;

5, to give up acting mode, brand straight battalion will accelerate(electric is a pattern of straight battalion);

6, 2014 is still the garment from agency wholesale to retail operationsover the year, therefore, all kinds of contradictions between the manufacturers will be concentrated outbreak. Many did not have the strength of the brand, because agents of exit could hit the market "shock" crisis;

Two, channel layout scanning

1, now for a brand, online and offline is the organic part of channel layout strategy cannot be separated;

2, many of the traditional brand have a misunderstanding for the business is that business is a business model of the brand, a way to channel actually electric only brand, is to choose a brand development strategy of the problem;

The development of 3, business is originated from the Internettechnology, the reform in business model, derived from the developmentof consumption culture;

4, advocate be as steady as Mount Tai entity shop, business peoplehave an ulterior motive is nothing to be feared, not idiotic; similarly,advocating electric king, solid die too;

5, street shop, shop, no combination of product experience no characteristics, price is not dominant shops will be closed, but the department stores, shopping centers, complex shops still havedevelopment;

6, though in the long run, a brand must be "line, wings soar together"integration channel layout, but in 2014 many brands still struggle with the contradiction between how to choose between the two.

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