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Clothing industry still needs to be carefully transition pressure is still warmer

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  Recently, according to the latest data released by the General Administration of Customs shows, 10 months of 2013 years ago, China's total textile yarn, fabrics and products export value compared to the same period last year increased by 11%, clothing and accessories exportsyear-on-year growth of 11.5%. The textile and garment industrysignificantly warmer signs.

  Although there has been a warm clothing industry, but the overallsituation is still not optimistic. High inventory, low brand effect, the increase in labor costs are troubled by the development of the clothing industry problems. For China garment industry, transformation and upgrading, has become China garment industry have to face the problem. Industry can realize the transformation and upgrading of the"transcending", is not only related to the realization of "Chinesemanufacturing" to "create China" gorgeous turn, but the future Chinesegarment industry and competitiveness in the international market position.

  "By the international economic situation to influence, China's garment industry gradually warmer, but the local pile up in excess of requirementphenomenon is still more serious, such as sports, leisure clothing enterprises most face high inventory problem. China's garment industryneeds transformation is the main reason to take the cheap route, for domestic enterprises has been difficult to continue rising industry, some Southeast Asian countries, labor, raw materials and low cost, the product of great price advantage, Nike, Adidas and other large enterprises haveentered the factory, Chinese manpower, raw materials and other costsare rising, causing a greater impact on the profitability of the business".The consultant in light industry researcher Xiong Xiaokun when accepts"said China Industrial and economic news" interview with reporters.

  Garment industry to achieve transformation, first of all is to enhance thebrand value of the clothing industry. China Garment Association vicepresident Feng Dehu said, in order to realize the local clothing value creation, we must enhance the added value of clothing products, and theadded value of ascension, going through the clothing product value creation to realize.

  China is the world's biggest producer of clothing, but also the worldclothing export country, its apparel exports accounted for the global apparel trade volume of about 1/5, but this does not mean Chinese isstrong clothing, although the earth people has already been put on the "MADE IN CHINA" clothing, but unfortunately, in many China productionclothing brand is not Chinese, Chinese garment industry is still not out of'wedding' for others to do the work of fate. China clothing in order to change the destiny, we must rely on the cultivation and construction of independent brands.

  In addition to the brand construction, transformation of garment marketingplatform becomes more and more important. At present, the rise ofInternet 3G, gave birth to the vast new market for the industry, and successfully attracted a large number of modern enterprises settled. In this situation, the clothing industry began to seize the 3G Internet market.In addition to the perfect marketing system based on 3G mobile Internetto open up new markets, many clothing enterprises have begun tobartering with 3G Internet platform.

  The clothing industry has also entered the mobile phone shopping market, with the change of people's consumption habits, the traditionaloff-line marketing consumer groups increasingly sharp, the opposite is the vigorous development of the 3G mobile Internet market, on-line 3Gplatform for the apparel industry, not only contributes to the expansion ofindustry capacity, improve corporate reputation and economic benefit,more important is to promote the informatization construction of garment industry.

  Xiong Xiaokun thinks, garment industry in transition need to start from thefollowing points: on the one hand, localization, the domestic garment enterprises can not be limited to the foreign product positioning in the low-end consumer, also need to extend to the high-end consumer groups, which means that domestic enterprises should devote great efforts in design innovation, improve the content of the art of clothing; on the other hand, channel domestic enterprises in transition, from low-end to high-end, in the product after the upgrade, the channel constructionalso need to upgrade, such as store decoration, location, also shouldactively expand the online channel.

  In addition, for the apparel industry transformation and upgrading, to use sales talents is one of the important factors. Electric business platform as a new sales channel, the product need to expand the market, openmarket. At present, professional online marketing staff less, become the garment industry demand for sales personnel is extremely urgent.

  Xiong Xiaokun said, the future development pattern of garment industry will be coordinated development of line and the line, line store function will show inclination, and online or evolution as the main sales channels.The channel line rising rents, greatly weakened the profitability of enterprises in space; at the same time, the consumer shopping habitschanging gradually. Online shopping for domestic enterprises need to beadjusted, otherwise it will be difficult in the future market development occupies the channel advantage.

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