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Yu garment "run" to "industrial chain nest"

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  Mou Wei: President of Chongqing small spice dress limited company chairman, Chaotianmen Garment Enterprises Market Association

  Wen Changming: Chairman of Chongqing yaman Qi clothing Limited company

  Luo Gang: Chairman of Chongqing Bolamila Garments Co., Ltd.


  Chen Guoqiang: Chinese clothing (000902, shares) of the Institute ofvice chairman of the association, Chinese Garment Association of industrial economy

  Reporter Sun Qiongying

  Recently, a total investment of 3500000000 yuan of Chongqing fashionindustry park officially settled in Banan District, Chongqing, set offanother wave of high tide dress Baotuan out.

  According to the City Commission by letter relevant data shows, at present our city textile and garment enterprises 3800 households, aclothing brand products 41, in 2012 the city of textile industry in thewestern economy third, garment industry ranked second in the west. But our garment industry in the rapid development at the same time, there still exist some problems in small scale, the degree of industrial agglomerationis not high, supporting imperfect, weak brand influence. The bossafternoon tea, daily reporter invited to a number of Chongqing clothing enterprise boss and related experts to Chongqing clothing development present situation, how to build the whole industry chain were discussed.


  Five threshold stop Yu garment "run"

  Chongqing Daily: Yu clothing present situation how? In your business, what are the bottlenecks?

  Mou Wei: from the beginning of 2008, Chongqing costume entered a period of rapid development, has been from the "fashion brand". But in these one or two years, development has slowed down. On the one handis affected by the large environmental impact, on the other hand, the positive transformation process in the coastal clothing, Yu clothing is still not keep up the pace, is still in the extensive use of "production base"stage. Overall, there are small in scale, lack of facilities, lack of brand,lack of qualified personnel, industry concentration degree is not high five problems. Among them, in order to design talent as an example, the current garment enterprises association only Chaotianmen member enterprises gap of up to thousands of people.

  Wen Changming: so far, many garment enterprises or local workshops,do not have the financial strength to build a modern standard factory building, can only rely on the rental workshop production. With somescale, some want to buy the plant to expand production, but the clothing specialty industrial park is not much, can only continue to rely on leasingto maintain production.

  Luo Gang: facilities inadequate, raw and auxiliary materials shortage is a common problem of Chongqing dress, another is the lack of talentincubator cradle, in fact, Chongqing has many colleges and universities in the design talent, but graduates are faced with the problem of practicaltraining. Similarly, the cultivation brand, large-scale exhibition, fashion show are lacking, although part of garment enterprises themselves insome fashion week, but the overall participation is not enough.


  The high cost of two or three no competition advantage

  Chongqing Daily: these bottlenecks, how much of an impact to the enterprise development?

  Mou Wei: extensive management, industrial chain is not perfect, the direct impact is little, at present Chaotianmen clothing brand thousands of famous brand association, but only 5 municipal and district selection,a "non brand name brand" situation. In fact, many enterprises want togrow, but suffer from conditions, no big. Yu garment advantage is"short, flat, fast", but because of the lack of design talent, there ismutual imitation version, homogenization serious situation.

  Wen Changming: added value due to lack of industry chain is not highalso troubled Yu garment enterprises. For example, a native of Chongqing printing and dyeing technology is backward, and no largesurface accessories, button, zipper production factory, garment factoryin Chongqing only to coastal procurement of parts, sometimes need tocome by air, high manufacturing costs, is not conducive to enhance industrial competitiveness. In the same grade a dress as an example, wecompared to the coastal factories and high cost of 20%~30%.

  Luo Gang: the lack of talent, especially high-end talent is not introduced,causes the enterprise to slow to capture the fashion information. Andraw materials caused by the high cost, direct let Yu clothing weakened in the national competitiveness.

  Way out

  Baotuan "nest" and promote the whole industry chain development

  Chongqing Daily: Yu clothing how to break the bottleneck?

  Mou Wei: it is necessary to Baotuan out, now need to build the whole industry chain. The association has some plans in this regard, willpromote the implementation of garment enterprise alliance development,including the Chongqing fashion industry park building, star brand and boosting plan, the introduction of high-end talent planning, e-commercealliance program, the international high-end resources integration plan,and strive to foster a number of industry leading enterprises.

  E-commerce alliance program as an example, the Chaotianmen markethas been launched and Jingdong garment enterprises association and other well-known business enterprises to negotiate, hopes to start inChongqing, Taobao Jingdong clothing collection of Chongqing clothingshop, online collective display and sales.

  In order to integrate international resources, the association is the docking with the Paris, Milan and other international fashion industry association, will design, exhibition, management idea, brand into thehigh-end resources. Association will also to help enterprises in Chongqingto introduce the design, management talent, and early introduction for the number of 20~50, has been with the Paris Fashion Design Association,the South Korean garment association contact.

  Wen Changming: from the enterprise itself, I think the most important thing is to follow the trend, and even lead the trend. Zara, H&M fast fashion model is worth learning.

  Luo Gang: for the current Chongqing school dress, the most important is the lack of a platform. This platform to the elements on the lower reaches of the gathering, to improve the industrial chain, to help

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