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Garment industry: enterprise electric situation have attached great importance to the online busines

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  Last week, the textile and garment industry sector rose 0.48 percentage points over the same period, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index rose 0.55 percentage points, the textile and garment sector underperformedthe market by 0.07 percentage points.

  Tracking data

  Macro data China: National Bureau of statistics and the China Federation of logistics and purchasing jointly issued the December 1st data show,China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) in November51.4%, flat with the previous month, its highest level since May 2012, 14 consecutive months at or above the critical point, indicates that China'smanufacturing industry continued to steadily improve.

  Price index: stacked Stonebridge home textile sales price index for December 6th was 94.27, an increase of 0.22 percentage points over the previous period; Keqiao textile price index for December 2nd was 106.20,down 0.02 percentage points compared to the previous week; Shengze silk price index for December 1st was 101.98, down 0.06 percentage points compared to the previous week; Haining leather price index this week is not updated. Women's price index in December 2nd is 127.57,than last week rose 0.95 percentage points.

  As of December 7th, 328 level spot closed at 19527 yuan / ton,compared with last week fell 76 yuan per ton, COTLOOKA index closed at85.30 cents / pound, than last week rose 0.47%.

  The main news & public abstract

  1) garment enterprises for children's clothing business, 2) winter warmerdomestic apparel industry, 3) textile network sales 53000000000 yuanmeans what, 4) Shandong Ruyi (002193): major asset restructuringprogress announcement, 5) AOKANG International (603001): on the use of part of the funds raised permanent supplement the liquidity of the announcement, 6) Smith Barney (002269): on the controlling shareholders of shares pledge release notice.

  The industry point of view

  We on textile and apparel overall neutral partial optimistic attitude,because the three quarter results and no overall the industry better,plate valuation repair early by electric concept driven or ended,investment opportunities in the industry will return to growth, the relative valuation of determining reasonable stocks. Focus on: (002563) (Semirclothing company's rapid development, mergers and acquisitions have been completed, to determine the performance), the Pathfinder(300005) (main apparel industry to maintain rapid growth, constructing outdoor platform enterprise), China shares (002494) (fur in short supply, prices of raw materials, raw materials trading company businesson the short-term performance of the company's contribution), MOGAshares (002612) (women's market space is large, high-end women'sbenefit, the effectiveness of marketing reform continuously release,income growth), Roley home textile (002293), Anna rich (002327).

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