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About us

Chongqing EVA studio,a fashion costume producer was incorporated in 2005,is expert at graceful garments designing,uniforms booking,costumes processing and unitary planning of some scenic costumes.Centainly,we could complete many works like that above beatifully.The brand IYAO was registered in 2007,when we invented the unique costume-conception,SOFT,to integrate the material,design and process perfectly.

All of Our designers are very brilliant.We have been awarded great fame,in this field,by doing the trick in many exposition and winning the cup.And also,the concept of liveness has always been introjected to our services,while the network of our distribution throughout the home and gradually went to the abroad.So,we could satisfy you by our most perfect service,best production and latest concept.And waiting for your combination to the peak in this stage of FASHION.

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